JSP Has Moved To The Cloud

Most of you have probably already heard of the latest IT buzz word “the cloud” but what exactly is it?

Well, the cloud isn’t actually a physical thing. In simplest terms, cloud computing is a network of servers (computers) that run applications (programs) online and securely store data in an offsite location so that users can access those programs and information from anywhere in the world via the internet.

There are many benefits of using cloud software, including reducing paper usage, document control, security, automation and efficiencies, flexibility, disaster recovery, just to name a few. This year, like many other progressive businesses, JSP decided to start taking advantage of all these benefits and are moving towards the cloud. We have partnered with XERO and are now preparing all our tax returns and financial reports in their cloud-based software.

Now, how does this affect you?

The biggest change for our clients is the delivery of Individual Tax Returns (ITRs) and Business Activity Statements (BAS). We are trying to stop the paper shuffle and save the trees with the introduction of paperless returns.

Using our new software and E-sign, our client’s now have the ability to electronically sign their tax returns on the spot via the smart phone or tablet device. E-sign (powered by Adobe) is a simple, easy, and legal way for our clients to electronically sign their tax return declarations.

Unfortunately, at this stage we only have the power to E-sign on tax returns and activity statements. This means, if you are a business client you will still receive bound hard copies of your Financial Reports and Tax Returns.

Paperless Tax Returns – How will it work?

We will continue to prepare your tax returns as per usual. However, instead of printing your tax return we will email it to you. You will then be able to open your email and tax return from your smart phone, where you can review it and digitally sign it on the spot. Easy!

Don’t have a smart phone or email setup?

Don’t worry! We can still print a paper tax return for you to sign with a good old fashion pen.